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First & Foremost I want to apologize to all my followers and fellow bloggers that I haven’t been blogging lately. I have been on a very simple routine basis with MD Anderson. Treatment, Treatment, and more Treatment. Luckily, this new clinical trial I’ve been on officially has me back in REMISSION!!! I wanted to break the news with all of you guys just in case we aren’t friends on Facebook. I’ll have one more MRI next week and then we should be cleared for another 3 months. Blessings to all…


It Feels Alot Like Christmas :) 12/19/12

It Feels Alot Like Christmas 🙂 12/19/12

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the numerous emails and messages from my friends, family, and blog followers that I have not been updating my blog. So now is the time for an update because now I finally have some news worth blogging about. As you all know, I have been on my treatment (Clinical Trial :: MDX-1105) since June 26, 2012. Well, 6 weeks ago, I went in for my restaging process for my 3rd cycle. My oncologist was out town unfortunately, so I saw her back-up which led me to believe that I had a new occurrence in my neck where my previous scars were. Saying, I had some swollen lymph nodes and questioned why it’s been several months since my last CT scan of the neck. Since the recent Pet-scan showed nothing odd in the neck we opted out of scanning so I didn’t have to have so much radiation during the scans. Since I’m already on treatment, he just said to wait until my neck restaging which had me stressed and worried for an entire 6 weeks. Let me tell you, it was a very tough 6 weeks. Last week I went in for my 4th restaging. Stressed and nervous waiting on the doctor, my aunt looked over at me and told me everything will be ok. Knowing faith was on my side, I still felt very nervous, since I know what the neck step was if it were to be cancerous. The PA walked in, and pretty much had a smile on her face. As my guard slowly dropped, she looked at me and said everything was fine! WOW, I could feel the stress slowly melting off me as I asked her to repeat herself again. As she told me once more, I jumped up and all I could do was hug her neck. She said nothing was wrong with my neck and it all looked normal. A quick high-five to my aunt, she told the PA that I was pretty stressed about it. She checked me out and told me to continue on with my treatment and that everything is working out great. Merry Christmas to me! Not only was that news delivered, I also received some more news. The tumor that was in my right bicep was officially gone and the tumor in my left forearm has shrunken another 30%. Being on this incredible mission, I hope to continue on inspiring people to always Dream, Believe, and Win in any situation in life no matter the outcome.Image

Inspiration 10/17/12

Five minutes through my eyes will cause your visuals to grayscale. Colorizing my visions gives my life a new breath. When your faith sees through your trials rather than allowing you to walk with them, you’ll see a green light. Green light meaning it is ok to show emotion and grieve. Yet, I choose not to, while I turn to giving inspiration. In return, it gives me happiness. Help inspire someone today.

Dream. Believe. Win.

No Limits on Living 8/24/2012

No Limits on Living 8/24/2012

I want to add more good news to my blog site!!!! Wednesday, I had another MRI and discussed more with the doctors including my Derm and Brain radiologists. MRI came back clear again, so she decided to push me back to every 12 weeks for the recurring MRI’s. She said the brain has been clear for over a year!! GREAT NEWS!! My derm said the moles on my body are getting lighter and some have even disappeared. Blaming the chemo treatment, she said it seems to be doing my body a great deed. Thursday, I saw the Oncologist which is disbursing my chemo. She said my body had a trending elevation of Uric acid, which can cause kidney stones. She put me on a minimal dosage of Allopurinol 100mg to prevent the trend from continuing to raise. Chemo treatment went well yesterday, so no complaints there. I created a very cool new wallpaper for my laptop so keeping positive was very easy. That’s about it now for details, I hope everyone is having a great friday.



6 More Weeks

Couple updates…
First and foremost, they decided to up my dosage, tripling it to be exact. Reason being, is because of the other spot that is cancerous and the fact that the primary tumor still is hard and hasn’t softened yet. I’ll be on this tripled dose for the next 6 weeks following up with a Pet-scan to re-stage the occurrence. Hopefully with the new dose, everything will start to soften, fading away into thin air. As of today, feeling a bit fatigue now, so I’m trying to keep my hydration up. Yesterday during my treatment, I created some fun artwork for the people who are following my blog.

Thank you to everyone that follows my blog. It really means a lot.

Take care.

Dream. Believe. Win.

Good & Bad News 8/8/12

Good & Bad News 8/8/12
Monday and Tuesday constructed of a few scans and doctor appointments. Visited my Oncologist, Dr. WenJen, yesterday to find out the results of all my scans and to figure out my next 6 weeks of treatment. Well, back when I did the original Pet-Scan (6 weeks ago)  to determine where all the active tumors were, we found the primary tumor in the right bicep and 2 more in the left arm that were possibilities. Since CT tech didn’t position me correctly in the scan, those two spots were cut off. We knew it had to be something but since I was on treatment it became a bit of irrelevance. Yesterday, I brought up a new spot on the back of my left leg, where a previous bruise was. She decided that it needed to have an ultrasound, and that we might as well ultrasound the elbow where we think we located the tumor showing on the previous Pet-scan. Well the left leg, was indeed just a bad bruise but the elbow came back with positive cells for melanoma after a fine needle biopsy. So as of now, we have 2 positive tumors for sure. I’ll be going back this week to determine a dosage increase due to more tumors, or to discuss the next step continuing the original dosage. I don’t have the answer for that yet. As far as my CT scan, we still have no new occurrences or tumors anywhere in the vital organs!! So good news there!! We will be scanning the brain in 2 weeks to determine its status to make sure it’s still clear as well. More good news :: Some of the cells that were pulled from the center of the tumor on my elbow had dead nucleotides, so I personally think that the tumor is shrinking due to the treatment. Also, the scan this week shows that the tumor in my bicep has gotten a little smaller too.  Time after time, my disease plays hard ball, but when you have someone who dreams big, believes in themselves, and wins the trials, you begin to believe that conquering things in life becomes easy. Never give up to those that are battling and always know there is a light at the end no matter the situation. Keep following my journey and I will update again once I find out this weeks changes. God bless.

Dream. Believe. Win.

Moments 7/25/12

Good Morning world. Moments pass again from another treatment. As always, the staffing was great and kept a constant smile on my face. Special thanks to MD Anderson in Houston, TX. My doctor told me that my blood counts are still looking good and doesn’t expect anything major besides the typical side effects. My tumor that we are fighting is still mobile and has not become stationary yet. Together we all can beat cancer one day at a time. For now, the doctor wants me to continue doing what I’m doing. Unfortunately I do not have many updates because this treatment is pretty repetitive, so I will update again soon.

Motivation :: Forever your vision of the end during a never-ending downward spiral, you continuously thing about the “what if” factor. What if you wore more sun screen? What if you never were in the sun? For the battler’s of melanoma, you have to remember that it’s not just from the sun. It could also have some hereditary genes with it as well. Keep strong, keep believing and know that your spirit will always live. The cancer centers around the world are working over time to bring a cure to cancer in all fields. I truly believe that one day they will have a cure for melanoma. One day, all of us that are suffering from this horrible disease will prosper and finally be able to say I’m cured and not just on remission. We dream as a team, we believe as a team, and we will win as a team. #TeamMelanoma

Dream. Believe. Win.

DAILY VENT :: Lately, I have had a few people mention to me if I believe in God or if I am spirit driven. For anyone in question that may msg me or comment, YES, I am a firm believer in God. I chose not to bring a bunch of religion to this blog so that I can cater my vital information about my cancer to everyone, not just the religious. Yes I do pray everyday and Yes I do follow him. So please disregard the comments that you have that may question my faith.